With the Right Training and Education, Homeless People of NYC Can Be Lifted Up To Walk On Their Feet

Homeless people of NYC,

Too often we see homeless people lay down on the sidewalk and seek rest after their weary time scavenging for food, money, and a bed to sleep.

Sure, there are some homeless that have made terrible mistakes with their life and money, that has resulted in their  homeless situation. However, if we as people of NYC don’t take the time or effort, to help homeless people  then the problem will just become worse and eventually they will lay on the sidewalk and never rise again.

More can be done to help rehabilitate the lives of homeless people that is not being done. We should view a homeless person as having some potential worth to this world, that either he/she is not aware of, or has not fully refined so that they can succeed at attaining a good job. By having, a job then the individual is more likely to live a stable life.

Plan to Help Homeless People

We as public servants we can facilitate the transition from unemployed homeless to employed homeless as a stepping stone to becoming an employed resident of NYC. As mayor, I propose  to reorganize the Department of Homeless Services in order for homeless people to receive adequate housing, but more importantly services that will help change the life of the homeless individuals  so that they can become more confident in their own ability to get and maintain a job, live a happy and prosperous life.

I propose developing a comprehensive program that involves drug and alcohol rehab and detox, and  a  job skills assessment course that will help identify as many positive qualities and attributes that can aid an individual in getting a good paying job. This comprehensive program will also assign a job placement counselor, that will help the homeless individual find a job, while also working on interview skills and job etiquette. Once the individual  finds a job, we will then provide him with a housing voucher that will cap the rent using the common real estate metric of having an individual’s income be at least 40x the rent before  obtaining an apartment. Below is an example of the housing voucher income and rent scale:


Annual Income $15,000.00 $20,000.00 $25,000.00 $30,000.00 $35,000.00 $40,000.00 $45,000.00
Rent $375.00 $500.00 $625.00 $750.00 $875.00 $1,000.00 $1,125.00


If for some reason, the individual loses the job before 6 months, then we will continue help refine the individual by identifying any negative attributes, and behaviors that is preventing him from keeping a stable job and living a stable life. Once an individual is able to keep a job for 2 years or more and be able to pay their fair rent based on their income, then we will provide additional help to the once homeless individual  by having them attend weekly seminars where they can topics that will aid these individuals in living successful lives.

The weekly seminars will involve the individual receiving a financial education, where they will learn about the importance of saving money, and also seminars on how they can supplement their income by developing their own business leveraging the internet. Also, if the individual wants to go back to school to get a GED, Associates degree, and /or a Bachelors then we can refer to the appropriate educational services.

With this program in place, we can prevent homeless and poverty from spreading in NYC.