My Life and NYC Mayoral Campaign

NYC, Vote Eliseo Santos For New York City Mayor



To tell you more about myself, I was born in Harlem Hospital and raised in The Bronx.  My parents are from the Dominican Republic. They sought a better life and decided to move to NYC like many other people from around the world. I lived for most of my youth in the Morris Heights Section of The Bronx. As a student of NYC  Public Schools, I attended P.S. 79  Creston School from 1992- 1998.  At this school, I and other students were able to excel in a community and environment ridden with drugs, crime, and gang violence.

When I finished my elementary school, I joined a unique Middle school program at JHS 118 William Niles School that helped children who showed great educational promise. After attending this middle school from 1998 – 2001, I decided to attend St. Raymond’s High School for Boys. My decision was largely based upon the fact that NYC Public High Schools were failing and full with drugs and delinquency. Due to the good educational programs that I attended, I was able to secure a place into the Columbia College Class of 2009.

It would be here at Columbia from 2005-2009, where I would be exposed to the intellectual thoughts and ideas that shaped many men and women of the past.  I also saw at Columbia the differences in the educational systems from different regions around the country that better prepared students to attend and excel at Columbia into graduate school and beyond.

After Columbia

After my time at Columbia, I took some time off to spend with my grandmother who had a stroke, and along with diabetes, dementia, and kidney failure. She needed special care and attention. After about a year of accompanying her to her dialysis appointments, she died in her sleep in late May 2010.

After her death, I was able to find a temporary job (2010-2012) at Columbia Technology Ventures where I would help members of the finance and legal department keep track of the financial and legal progress of patents developed by the Columbia community.

It was around this time when I decided to write a book called “Good Father, Bad Father,” a book that details the battle between good and evil from the perspective of the Bible. “After 3 years of in-depth  research, I was able to finish the book in June 2015.

After writing this book, I would become a real estate agent in late 2016, which is my current profession.

Mayoral Campaign

My decision to run for mayor of NYC was largely brought about by seeing how in this decade there has been little to no progress in many communities within New York City. The important building block of the family has been attacked in New York City in such a way that unemployment and underemployment has wreaked havoc on the stability of many working class families.

But not only is this creating instability for many families, also failing nyc schools,and a dilapidated and outdated educational system is adding a troublesome burden to parents and this burden is further worsened by the increase in STDs and drug use amongst adolescence and teens, with little to no educational or career prospects. If this burden is not resolved soon, and now New York City and it’s residents can see not only increase in poverty, and homelessness, but also an increase in crime and corruption, which is not the future that we all seek for ourselves and our families.

My campaign platform is mostly based on the need for educational reform. Modern changes need to be made to the NYC Public Schools curriculum to prepare public school students for the demands of the future, which will be closer in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M). Despite the future demands of S.T.E.M.related jobs, a curriculum that is balanced and focused on reading, language arts, and history, will better aid and not hinder students in their understanding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Some changes my campaign proposes to the NYC Public School curriculum, are the following:

Require all Pre-K -Grade 12 students to read and perform two school plays every school year .

This will help stimulate a love for reading and help stimulate the capacity for students to memorize information, which can and will help them when they study S.T.E.M courses. Performing these plays will also help cement key parts about history in the minds of children. This is also a great way to foster parent involvement and parent participation in the life of child, and make the communities in our city more closely knit.

Require all Pre-K -Grade 12 students to learn Computer science and Computer Programming.

By the time a child finishes a NYC Public high school they will be able to program in five key computer languages Html, CSS, (website programming), Java, and C++ (software programming ), SQL (database programming),  Since the dawn of computers and the internet, there has not been a standardized curriculum that includes computer science and computer programming as a key component of its curriculum. As we continue to live in a world where computers and the internet become key staples of living in modern society, we as public servants and educators must prepare NYC youth and children for the key jobs and careers in the future, which will in large part be in the fields of computer science and programming.

Require all Pre-K -Grade 12 students to learn two languages (English and a choice of the following Spanish, French, Germany, Chinese, and Japanese).

In order to better interact with the multi-cultural world we live in,  it is best for students to know or be fluent in at least two languages, in order to better communicate their ideas and goals to others in the world.  It would also be beneficial for the ESL- courses to be phased out and have students from other countries receive additional help in learning how to speak, read, and write English so that they can secure the higher earning potential that comes with learning and becoming fluent in English.

Require all Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 5th Grade, 8th Grade, and 11th and 12th grade students take time-management courses.

In order for children to learn early on the benefits of time-management, it will be best for students to learn the mindset and practices that help achieve time-management efficiency. By the time a NYC Public School student enters college they will be better prepared to wisely manage their time.

Require all NYC Public school students to perform 25-hours of community service.

In order to instill values of good-will and charity early on in the life of NYC Public School school students, it would good for them to begin taking a larger role in the improvement of their community by participating in volunteering projects in conjunction with local hospitals and other local volunteer organizations such as NY Cares, and Habitat for Humanity.

Along with these changes to the curriculum, in order to improve the productivity and safety of both teachers and students, and create a better learning environment for all participants in the NYC Public School System, my campaign proposes the following changes be made to the administrations of all NYC Public Schools:

Add Video Cameras to all classrooms of the NYC Public School System.

In a world where video become more and more an important way for people to understand the world around them, it will behoove Principals and Administrators in the Department of Education to have access to what goes on in the classroom during the school day. This is done in part  to not only provide quick and critical information to Principals that  will help aid them in identifying good  and bad teaching practices, and optimal implementation of teaching practices that result in optimal academic performance, but also it will help teachers and students focus on adhering to what is expected of them.

If a sudden problem, and /or altercation arises within the classroom, then Principals will quickly know the responsible parties and will be able to send parents footage of the video so that they are aware of any troublesome and interruptive behavior. This system will help the Department of Education and the school principals throughout the city change the NYC Public Schools faster and for the better future of NYC Public School Children.

Screen all students from Pre-K to Grade 12 students for drugs and STDs. –

In order to better provide safety for all students and help parents better prepare children for the future, it is best if we identify quickly those who have acquired a sexually-transmitted disease to then be able to refer them to services they need to reverse and improve their diagnosis. Parents of students who test positive for drugs or STDs, will also be required to submit to a drug/ STD test, in order to better help them and their family be referred to doctors, and people that can help them reverse their drug addiction and sexually-transmitted illnesses, and any psychological consequences. After an investigation, parents who have been found deliberately and negligently harming a child’s life will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

Require all Pre-K to Grade 12 students begin their school day at 7am  in order to include an important exercise component (45 minutes) and afterwards provide a good breakfast that will be served to all NYC Public School Students(20 minutes).

In order to prevent early Childhood obesity, and to develop and instill healthy exercise practices, it is best to have children develop the routine of doing exercise early on in the day. The 45-minute exercise component will either be a structured exercise routine or play time outside that can be enhanced with supplemental items such as basketball, baseball and gloves, and football.

By making these and other changes to the educational system we can guarantee to solve all other problems such as crime, unemployment, healthcare, and the future NYC economy by correctly dealing with the problem of NYC Public School education.

If you also are interested in making NYC a better place for all NYC Public School children, then get involved in my campaign by donating to my campaign via NYC Votes or  volunteer your time to raise awareness of my campaign to others in NYC.