The Importance of Children to the Progress of the World and NYC

The Importance of Children to the Progress of the World and NYC


August 06, 2017

Children are one of the most important resources of the world.  Without them, then our society does not continue to grow and flourish. With them, then we are capable of doing great things for long periods of time. They are especially important in advancing society in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.

With this in mind, we as public servants must try to build a world that will not counter the potential growth and production of children. We have to build a world that will ultimately work toward amplifying the progressive power of children. A world that will help children and families  with the burdens and rising costs of daily living. A world that that will be able to provide the public education and personal services that help students  improve their results in struggling classes and provide personalized help with those that need help in learning and retaining English, the language that secures higher world-wide earning potential. A world where students have a great interest in the progress and growth of their communities, and not the apathy and disregard to impair them.

To Improve the world, we must Improve the Curriculum

In order to be able to reach such a world we must first change the educational curriculum on a local level, especially in NYC.  Some changes my campaign proposes to the NYC Public School curriculum, are the following:

Require all Pre-K -Grade 12 students to read and perform two school plays every school year .

This will help stimulate a love for reading and help stimulate the capacity for students to memorize information, which can and will help them when they study S.T.E.M courses. Performing these plays will also help cement key parts about history in the minds of children. This is also a great way to cultivate parent involvement and parent participation in the life of child, and make the communities in our city more closely knit.

Require all Pre-K -Grade 12 students to learn Computer science and Computer Programming.

By the time a child finishes a NYC Public high school, they will be able to program in five key computer languages Html, CSS, (website programming), Java, and C++ (software programming ), SQL (database programming).  Since the dawn of computers and the internet, there has not been a standardized curriculum that includes computer science and computer programming as a key component of its curriculum. As we continue to live in a world where computers and the internet become key staples of living in modern society, we as public servants and educators must prepare NYC youth and children for the key jobs and careers in the future, which will in large part be in the fields of computer science and programming.

Require all Pre-K -Grade 12 students to learn two languages (English and a choice of the following Spanish, French, Germany, Chinese, and Japanese).

In order to better interact with the multi-cultural world we live in,  it is best for students to know or be fluent in at least two languages, in order to better communicate their ideas and goals to others in the world.  It would also be beneficial for the ESL- courses to be phased out and have students from other countries receive additional help in learning how to speak, read, and write English so that they can secure the higher earning potential that comes with learning and becoming fluent in English.

Require all Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 5th Grade, 8th Grade, and 11th and 12th grade students take time-management courses.

In order for children to learn early on the benefits of time-management, it will be best for students to learn the mindset and practices that help achieve time-management efficiency. By the time a NYC Public School student enters college they will be better prepared to wisely manage their time.

Require all NYC Public school students to perform 25-hours of community service.

In order to instill values of good-will and charity early on in the life of NYC Public School school students, it would good for them to begin taking a larger role in the improvement of their community by participating in volunteering projects in conjunction with local hospitals and other local volunteer organizations such as NY Cares, and Habitat for Humanity.


In this world students will have high regard and understanding for the great importance of education , which is to not only for the advancement of individuals, but also for the advancement of Society . Such a world is only possible if there are major changes to the educational system  The large changes have to be made to the educational system because the United states has overall fallen behind, in science, math, and reading. If the problem with our educational system is not addressed and not corrected on at least the local level, then within the next few years that can leave the United States population in a vulnerable position as other major countries around the world  countries like Singapore, and Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong  have educational systems that are perennially in the top 10 around the world in Science,  Reading, and Math. While the United states in not even in the top 10, or top 20 but it is 24th in science and reading, while 39th in math. How can America continue to grow a successful society and economy, if the best students with great educational promise are continually coming from abroad and not from home?

Instability in Family Life is creating Instability in America

In order to improve upon America and society for the sake of preserving the America’s commitment to greatness and leadership, we as public servants must solve the problem of education or else it will get the best of US. To resolve the problem, America needs to find a way to re stabilize society in such a way that the family unit needs become once again the foundation upon which America will stand for years to come. Because the family unit has become relatively unstable in recent years, America has become unstable. The stability will return for many families in America, and NYC once the rising costs of living (mainly food, and rent,) come down to a level in which the average person can happily enjoy their paycheck with out worry, because their current income would more than cover the costs of living.

Not only is stability at home is important, but an educational system that prepares students for the major fields S.T.E.M . We can better prepare students for the future S.T.E.M by standardizing a key component of modern education, Computer Science and Computer programming. By not making Computer Science, and Computer Programming key parts of the K-Grade 12 curriculum for all public school students, we have outdated our education. There is an need now unlike at any other time in history, for upheaval of the standard curriculum, one in which will prepare all students for the important jobs of the future which will mostly involve Computer Science, and Computer Programming. By updating the standard curriculum, we will stimulate the advancement of our society toward the brighter future that we all seek for ourselves and our families.

Removing Harmful Influences from our Society

The Importance of Children to the Progress of the World and NYC

Lastly, to best aide children for the better future, it is best if we all do our part to be good role models for our children, especially for the sake of their health. We in recent years have been losing the War on Drugs as it has been gaining popularity in the mainstream, and wreaking havoc on the bright minds of America’s future.

Foreign drug interests, have manipulated parts of the American Democracy mainly in the Media, and Politics, in order to gain favor amongst the American public in regards toward their attitudes toward drugs. There are a small group of people that are profiting greatly from the destruction of the minds of American youth and the American public especially in urban centers across the country, especially in NYC. This is a problematic reality that many families  in NYC and around the world face.

The only way in which we can turn around the educational system  and regain the young minds of America to be refocused on achieving great things for the sake of their own futures is to put drugs in their proper place as wrong and illegal, and harmful to the mind and body. The American families, especially in NYC, should understand that drugs don’t belong in their communities especially in the presence of young children or anywhere where people are trying to progress. If we allow drugs to take a foothold in American society and in NYC, then it will be harder for America to succeed as with every puff, every injection, and every unintended inhalation will bring destruction upon the many precious cells of human life that all are necessary for the success of America, NYC, and the world.

Importance of Drug and STDs, Testing and Treatment

To address the encroaching drug problem in Public Schools, we must begin to identify and help those who have fallen victim to the effects of drug use, especially at an early age. School administrators must be able to conduct randomized drug testing in order to identify students  who are engaging in the drug use while not in school.   I propose that the Department of education expand it’s services to include the ability to conduct randomized drug testing for drugs and sexually transmitted diseases in order to better be able to provide a better learning environment for all students.

We have to avoid the scenarios that are becoming too common in NYC Public schools where classmates trade and traffic in drugs that will eventually cause harm to the minds of other classmates. Scenarios that also involve students unknowingly getting infected with an STD, and suddenly they lose focus on their school work and classes. In order to clean up and reclaim NYC Public Schools, we have first be able to identify and help those who have fallen victim to drugs and /or STDs in order to protect the rest of the students from falling victim to the same problem.

By keeping in the mind the progress of children, we will keep in mind the future. By taking into account the health, safety, and education of all children, we will ensure that the future will be brighter and better for all people especially in the communities of NYC.