Corruption Stagnates NYC

Corruption, NYC Public Schools, NYPD and FDNY, and Public officials

June 22,2017

Corruption, NYC Public Schools, NYPD and FDNY, and Public officials

For a long time, Corruption has been creeping into NYC politics and has been gaining unhealthy influence over our local political institutions. At the end of the day, New Yorkers suffer in seeing stagnation in their communities as lobbyists and other corrupt official prevent the much-needed progress in NYC communities. When will it stop ? Will no one take a stand against corruption?

As an Independent Candidate for NYC mayor, I plan to take a stand against corruption but in order to do so, I must have the cooperation of city residents and local politicians and officials . We have to put selfish interests aside, and lets focus on helping NYC grow bigger, taller, and stronger as we progress into the 21st century. The economic progress must once again surge in many communities that have been ostracized and neglected by NYC officials for generations as witnessed in the high multi-generational poverty in many areas of the city. 

Corruption in NYC Public Schools

Corruption, NYC Public Schools, NYPD and FDNY, and Public officials

In order to attack corruption in NYC Public Schools , we must work on multiple fronts, the most important of which is fixing and updating  NYC public schools to meet the demands of the 21st century. In this century, we want to see advancement and progress of our society and it can only be done by educating the future citizens in a way that will not only prepare them for college and graduate school, but also to have the opportunity to start their own business or have the skill sets to get a good-paying job out high school.

This can only be done by adding to NYC Public school curriculum requirements for Computer science and Computer programming, as well as a structured city-wide science and math curriculum that will help prevent NYC  Public school students from falling behind not only in the United States but also in the world . We can also prevent corruption in NYC Public Schools by having cameras in the classroom of also make access available to parents, lawmakers, and Department of Education officials. By fortifying NYC Public Schools, we can ensure that NYC Public School students will be leaders and successful in whatever they may do in the future.

Corruption in NYC Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Corruption in the NYPD

Another important front to attack corruption is to prevent and reverse the culture in NYPD and FDNY that has caused corruption within the rank of law enforcement and public safety officials apparent in the many incidents of police brutality, bribery, and corruption. The best and quickest way to change this situation for the better is to carry out the following plan:

Require for all NYPD police officers to wear a body camera while they are on duty and create an open system where local citizens have access to the daily work of NYPD to not only prevent corruption, but also clean up the image of NYC Finest not only at home but around the world.

Not only does this measure help police in being able to quickly identify criminals and assailants at the scene of a crime, but also it will help police detectives to be able to solve murders and other crimes quicker and faster  by having access to footage of the crime scene from multiple perspectives. The footage will stream live to the public on a third-party government site and will be divided by precinct, and police rank and badge number.  Police detectives  will also be required to wear cameras once they leave a precinct for an investigation. All footage will be saved on this third-party government site, and  will be accessible to the public for a week. Afterwards, only the police and lawmakers will have access to the footage. This policy will ensure that police, journalists, and those involved in the criminal justice system will have sufficient time to review and act upon the evidence of crime. Please also keep in mind that in conducting a criminal investigation footage of stationary video cameras in the vicinity of the crime scene will also be important in solving the crime.

Require all NYPD and FDNY to have badges that have a special RFID that tracks the movement of both On-duty and Off-duty Police and Firefighters.

This will not only enhance the safety of Police and Firefighters in search and rescue missions, but also allow administrators, and law makers to have access to information that can help identify police officers that are not living up to the expectations of the NYPD and FDNY, and also are involved in practices that are costing the city money in unnecessary work and putting public safety in danger.

Corrupt NYC Public-Officials

Another important front to prevent corruption is in city and local government. In order to do so my campaign proposes the following.

Ban corporate lobbying in NYC government.

In order to keep corruption at bay, and have economic progress without delay, we must prevent special interests from paying and corrupting publicly-elected officials to sell out their constituents and give their communities deals that only puts abates their progress, health, and safety at risk. The best way to do this is to prevent corporate lobbying that at the end of the day only hinders city government ability in facilitating economic progress in our communities.

Increase the transparency of publicly-elected officials by making their daily agendas public and require that all meetings of publicly-elected officials be recorded by a textual/ visual stenographer. 

To prevent secret deals that harm NYC communities, and to ensure that local city residents are involved in the political process and hold their publicly-elected officials accountable for acts of corruption, My  campaign proposes  to make it law in NYC for publicly-elected officials to release to the public their agenda from 7am-7pm. This will make it easier for local residents to have the ability to review the actions, or inactivity of Public officials and have more information on-hand to support or oppose a Public-official.  It will also help lawmakers in Washington and in the NY state government  to document the progress of  NYC and the influence  of NYC Publicly-elected  in the increase of prosperity in our communities.

By carrying out these changes and others we can quickly turn around NYC and its communities to run at optimal pace and prevent it from ever becoming an abysmal place .

If you are interested in helping my campaign to improve the future of NYC, then you help by either deciding to volunteer or donate.