Best Way to Address the NYC Homeless Population Is To Improve Infrastructure and Education


July 22, 2017

The homeless population is a huge problem we see too often in NYC.  It’s a problem that has existed since the dawn of time on this planet, and yet it is spreading rampant in 2017. How do we as public servants help this group of people that have fallen behind in society?

According to the, 71 percent of the shelter population is made up of families, a third of whom have a head of household who is working. The new working poor are homeless,” says Christine Quinn, the former City Council Speaker,

Another startling statistic is that between 2000 and 2014, the median New York City rent increased 19 percent while household income decreased by 6.3 percent.This change in household income when compared to rent has caused many working poor families to be thrown out out of their apartment and fall behind on their rent payments.

With just 60,000 people in the NYC shelter system,  it becomes the prerogative of NYC to help many of these homeless families, in such a way in which they regain their independence and not become an added burden for NYC.


An adequate solution to reverse the increase of poverty and homelessness  is to decrease the cost of living, mainly the price of rent . The price of rent can be reduced if you reduce the cost of building and construction of residential buildings , and also build a surplus of new apartments in NYC to cause a drop in rent prices , so much so that rent prices can become bearable for many working class families.

I propose to give tax incentives to property owners and builders of residential skycrapers above 70 stories, to treat construction expenses as tax-write offs that at the end of the day are paid back in full or large part by the federal government.This will create a boom in construction of tall residential buildings above 70 stories, that will greatly reduce the general prices of rent in NYC as well keep many families off the street.

This city is maxing out it’s infrastructure that was designed for a city of at most 8 million people. The time is now for us to start preparing the city’s infrastructure fora time in which 16 million people and beyond will live in these 5 boroughs forcing city builders and architects to maximize existing surface area and build more vertical, 70 plus story buildings.


To ensure long-term success of residents of NYC, we as public servants have to ensure that the NYC Public School education will prepare the students of NYC for the competitive S.T.E.M jobs of the future. Many families and individuals become homeless because they are not able to improve or enhance their income by getting a better paying job. By acquiring the skillset of computer science and computer programming early on from NYC Public schools, all students will be  able to secure better college opportunities and better paying jobs in the future, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Also, more can be done to help unemployed and homeless individuals, by giving a comprehensive skills assessment, drug rehab, job training, and job placement with companies who are willing to accept homeless individuals long-enough for them to eventually secure their own apartment. If a family is homeless with a child or children in NYC Public Schools then we can further lessen the burden by providing these families with a housing voucher that would treat their max rent as 40 times their income.

Here is chart that gives an example of how the housing program will work:

Below is a chart of how the housing voucher will be based upon the families annual income.

Annual Income $15,000.00 $20,000.00 $25,000.00 $30,000.00 $35,000.00 $40,000.00 $45,000.00
Rent $375.00 $500.00 $625.00 $750.00 $875.00 $1,000.00 $1,125.00

Not only will this be necessary to keeping families with children in the NYC public school system out of homelessness, but this is necessary in helping families and parents progress further toward the road of success..

Also, to ensure that homeless families stay on the right track, and are not led backward, then we will assign a Family Counselor to each homeless family who would would routinely and randomly test for drugs and alcohol, Stds. , and also help the families resolve any problems that may arise after they have been homeless.

By ensuring that NYC has sustainable infrastructure  and comprehensive educational system then we can secure a better for the residents of NYC and we can make being homeless a thing of the past.