The Best Service We Can Offer Immigrants Is A Successful NYC Public Educational System

Best service we can offer immigrants is a good public school system

July 29, 2017

For generations, NYC has been the place to go to for all types of immigrants, who refuge into America from oppression and poverty abroad. New York City’s status as a sanctuary city is one that is historically valid. However for NYC to continue having that status, and if we are welcome more immigrants into this great city, then we need to ensure immigrants and their families will have the best opportunity to make it out of poverty.

We can only do this if we reduce the cost of living, improve and modernize our infrastructure to handle and support more people, and lastly and more importantly, modernize the Public school system to ensure that all students, no matter if their parents are immigrants or citizens, will receive a superior world-class education.

Since the1600’s, NYC has been the bastion and safe haven for many  from Europe and around the world.  However, before we can  continue to welcome in many immigrants from abroad, we have to fix the NYC Public Educational system,  which is  the best service that we are obligated to give to many immigrants and their families. We must continue to aid the children, of not only citizens,  but also those of immigrants, in order for all students of the public education system to make the most of their public education. The success of the NYC  Public Educational system will be eventually be seen by seeing all students. continuing to either study and excel in college or to get a good paying job out of college in a S.T.E.M field, or even create their own businesses leveraging the modern avenues for business which are internet, mobile phones, and computer programming.

We have to prevent the spread and increase of poverty and homelessness in our communities by decreasing the high-school dropout rate, which if not resolved now will lead to a higher crime and unemployment rate in the future. We must also prevent the influence of gangs and drugs from spreading by identifying and bringing to justice those who profit from the destruction of communities and the destruction of the minds of capable students and people. The NYC Public education must offer new and enhanced services  to help families deal with the plague of drugs that are reaching the hands of Public school students. Drug rehab and drug detox program should be offer to the students, so that their drug addiction does not rob them from receiving their High School diploma and prevent them making the most out of their life in college and beyond.

Another problem that many students of NYC Public schools experience is the poverty they experience at home, due to the fact their mom or dad can’t find work, or can’t find a stable and good-paying job or profession that will cover the expensive costs of living in NYC. In order to best help the families of students living in poverty and to prevent them becoming homeless it would be best to offer these family the following services, drug rehab and detox program for families who demonstrate problems with substance abuse, a comprehensive skills assessment, job placement and referral program that aid parents that live in poverty by helping get better paying jobs in fields that have stable job growth such as nursing and healthcare.

Lastly, the Department of education should discontinue its ESL courses, due to not adequately preparing students for speaking, reading, and writing English.  Instead of children of immigrants should be fully immersed in English course work, while receiving additional and personalized help with English grammar skills after school.  This system has worked in the past and will continue to work in the future. It is best to only focus on having children learn as much English, because English is not only the dominant language, but it increases the earning potential and scope of influence for students, especially in America and NYC.  The Department of Education can also have available for immigrant parents free English courses, that will further help immigrant families learn and retain English. These courses can be tailored and personalized for people that come from specific countries and cultures.  By having the immigrant student and parent learn English at the same time, they can practice speaking English at home and this will aid the child as he continues his English coursework in NYC Public schools.

According to Pew Research Survey, the United States as a whole is #24 in Reading and Science, and #39 in Math ( ). So if we don’t start making the right changes now , on a local level, then many immigrants that come to this country will not get the best benefit they can have as immigrant, which is the surety that the NYC Public School System will prepare their child and children for the future. Before we can label ourselves as a sanctuary city, we have to be prepare the NYC Public Educational, so that it can be of a real benefit for immigrants from around the world.